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Lip Stains

Lip Stains

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Choose from 7 different lip stain shades. These non-drying lip stains will tint the lips for an all-day-long wear time. Evenly apply one coat to the top and bottom lips. If you only want a subtle color, you can wipe off the pigment after letting it set for 5 minutes. If you want a bold color, do not wipe off the pigment. Simply allow it to completely dry down. The remaining color will stay put without transferring to outside surfaces. These are non-scented.

Easily remove it with a makeup wipe, micellar water, or any oil-based remover.

Vegan and cruelty free!

Net Weight: 7g


Ingredients: Water, Polyxylene, Octyl Butylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Butylene Glycol

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