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A high pigment, water-resistant eyeliner that gives you a long-lasting wear time. Prevents bleeding and smudging throughout the day. 

How To Remove: Easily remove it with a makeup wipe, micellar water, or any oil-based remover.

Vegan and cruelty free!

Size: 1 g

Formulation: Felt Tip

Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Mustard, Yellow, Purple

CI 77491 (Iron Oxide Red ),Cl 77499 Iron Oxide Black 

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews

I’ve never had a felt tip eyeliner stay the way my Sunset Makeup ones do. I’ve bought about 3 of them over the years, and always come back for more.

Best liner ever!!!!

I've been looking for a long wear liner for the longest! I work in car detailing so I'm constantly surrounded by steam, water, soap, and other chemicals so it's very difficult finding make up that lasts all day. This liner lasted the entire day with overtime!!!
I am in love, I usually have oily skin and have trouble finding make up that won't run or smudge throughout the day, this liner didn't move at all, I am beyond impressed amd will definitely be buying more I'm the future.
Aside from the longevity of the liner the tip is very sharp and the formula is very pigmented. In the pictures Im showing initial application and then the same eye again with no touch ups almost 8 hours later. I forgot to take a photo when I got home but it lasted almost 12 hours and still looked great, my skin was looking rough and the liner looked bomb

i don’t know what is in this but i’m in love

this stuff does. not. budge. i spent twenty minutes crying today (definitely to test the eyeliner, absolutely no other reason) and it still looks exactly the same. i have super watery eyes and fairly oily eyelids so most eyeliners run, rub off, fade, or transfer within a couple of hours even if i’m not having a mental breakdown, but i swear this stuff is magic. it went on a little patchy at first but i just went over it again where i wanted a little more coverage and it turned out beautiful. it has a bit of shine to it, but if you want a matte look you can set it with powder or black eyeshadow. i will DEFINITELY be buying more.

Best Ever

This eyeliner is probably my the best i've used in my many years of wearing eyeliner. the applicator is so good. it lasts well but isn't difficult to remove.


I purchased the red liner. It got here early, is very pigmented and a really pretty color. Received many emails confirming my purchase and shipping updates. I've tried a whole bunch of fun colored eyeliners but this is the only one I've used that doesn't look watery or cheap.I'm very satisfied. Quality service